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Solid Lotion Bar - Various Scents

Solid Lotion Bar - Various Scents


5 ounces of your choice in scent lotion bar with zero waste in a recyclable metal tin. This  lotion bar is loaded with skin nourishing butters and oils that keep you hydrated without any waste of plastic packaging. This product is hand-made with natural ingredients helping keep your skin softer, deeply hydrated, and more flexible with a smooth layer of protection. Each bar is topped with a shape to match the scent. For example the pictured item above is a rose with a rose scent. 


Shea Butter - High in vitamin A & E, aids in regenerating skin cells and maintains the skin hydrated, soft, and flexible

Cocoa Butter - Help reduces the appearance of scars, and soothes dry and sensitive skin

Jojoba Oil - High in antioxidants to aid in regenerating 

Vitamin E Oil - Barrier booster, seals in moisture, smooths skin, antioxidant.

Sweet Almond Oil - Almond oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants, which can help your hair and skin.

Bees Wax - Create a protective layer on the skin keeping it soft and hydrated.


Travel-Friendly Moisturizer Bar (TSA-approved)


How to use - Massage the lotion bar freely on the skin until absorbed. This waterless moisturizer is concentrated so all you need is a few swipes for long-lasting moisture. Keep it in a dry place. 

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