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Why use our Wax Melts? Each handmade artisan wax melt scent is specially designed represent the scent with unique and intricate embeds making the melting process not only smell amazing but also soothing and beautiful to watch. All melts are made of a  high quality blend of soy wax and paraffin wax that are scented with triple the fragrance amount of commercial melts. They are available as mix and match scents to create your own custom blend or to simply use as is.

Why use Wax Melts at all? Unlike a candle, the wax in a wax melt doesn't disappear as you use it. Also, wax melts are generally less expensive than candles because they waste less fragrance/wax and burn for  almost 5 times longer. 

Can't find your favorite scent? Love a scent or scent combo but don't see it here or available for special order on our scents page? Email us with your special request and we might add it to our line. 


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